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What You Need to Know About Insurance Claims

Suffering a loss or property damage can be stressful and confusing. It may be hard to tell if the incident is covered or you may wonder what actions you should take. Call us today 800-395-3260.

In the Event of a Loss

First, contact emergency services or the authorities if applicable. For claims such as theft, burglary, vandalism, fire, or suspected arson, a police and/or fire report is required for your insurance claim.

Second, determine if you have a covered claim before you file. If you are uncertain, or damage is not visible, contact a contractor to inspect for damages. Once you have established that you have damages, contact your agent to verify coverage. It is in your best interest to not file claims that turn out to not be covered by your policy or that fall below your policy deductible.

Third, contact your agent, or Farmers & Laborers' office if you cannot reach your agent, to file your claim. You will need to provide the following information:

• Name
• Policy #
• Location (Physical Address) of Loss
• Full Names & Phone Numbers of All Involved Parties
• Date of Loss
• Type of Loss (e.g., Lightning, Water/Sewer Backup, Hail, Wind, Accident)
• Detailed Description of Damage
• Name of Police or Fire Department (If Applicable)
• Photographs (If Possible)

, make necessary repairs. It is your responsibility to take immediate action to protect your property and prevent further loss or damage. For example, apply a tarp to a damaged roof. If you are unable to make these repairs yourself, you should contact a professional to make temporary repairs until the adjuster can perform an inspection.

Steps to Take to Prevent Further Water Damage:

• Shut Off the Water Source
• Refrain From Using Electrical Equipment
• Remove Any Undamaged Items From the Area
• Place Furniture on Risers
• Remove Wet Carpets and Rugs
• Clean Up to Prevent Further Damage
• Contact Your Agent or Office

How to Handle a Livestock Loss:

• Take Pictures of the Loss
• Contact Your Veterinarian*
• Report the Loss to Your Agent or Our Office Within 48 hours

*All covered livestock losses require a veterinarian report to establish the cause of death. Successful claims cover the cost of said report.

What You Should Expect After Filing a Claim

We process your claim and contact an adjuster after you file it. The adjuster should contact you within 24 to 48 hours. The adjuster performs an inspection and determines where there is coverage for damages incurred under your policy. We will mail you an estimate for damages, a detailed report, a proof of loss document, and instructions within 7 to 10 business days. To accept the report, you must return a signed and dated copy of the proof of loss document to our Montgomery City, Missouri, office.

About Property Claims That Involve Mortgages or Liens

For claims where there are any mortgages or liens on the damaged property, it is our contractual duty to list the mortgagee/lienholder on the payment check since they also have a financial interest in the property. Contact your mortgage/lien holder company for further instructions on how to proceed.

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